Yes, but is it good?

Nathan Gabriel follows up his recent feature Yes, but is it art? with the thorny question of whether something is "good"—and how "good" can differ from "like".

Nathan Gabriel, 25 November 2013

Panto: "It's all about the detail"

Simon Sladen speaks to Chris Jarvis all about his pantomime career, CBeebies and the great Danny La Rue.

Simon Sladen, 17 November 2013

UK Dracula tour gets its teeth into Whitby

Heartbreak Productions director Peter Mimmack on an open-air version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, performed in Whitby Abbey with a new take on the 1897 classic.

Nina Romain, 03 October 2013

State Of Play: Theatre UK—a few thoughts

Sandra Giorgetti writes her initial thoughts on reading the report from Ticketmaster UK following an online survey on theatregoing habits.

Sandra Giorgetti, 26 September 2013