How was it for you? Your first time, that is.

Peter Lathan

My First Time by Ken Davenport, a play based on people’s stories of their first sexual experience, is coming to Newcastle next week.

In 1998, a web site was created that allowed people anonymously to share their own true stories about their 'first times'. The web site became an instant phenomenon as over 40,000 stories poured in from around the globe that were “silly, sweet, absurd, funny, heterosexual, homosexual, shy, outrageous and everything in between.”

Broadway producer Ken Davenport took a selection of the stories and made them into a play using just four actors, a play which has been performed around the world and now is to have its UK première in Newcastle from 15 to 17 February in The Studio at Newcastle Theatre Royal, produced by Newcastle-based Aureum Productions.

“We’re really delighted to have been given the opportunity to produce My First Time for the audiences of Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas,” said Neil Riddell, Managing Director of Aureum Productions and the producer of My First Time. “This is the first time this production has been produced in the United Kingdom, so it is officially the UK première.”

“This play has never felt more relevant,” added Virginia Riddell, Creative Director for Aureum Productions and the director of My First Time. “As a society, it’s so important to normalise sexualities and our experiences. For people to feel safe to share the good, the bad and the ugly. People are often ashamed or embarrassed of their first times, and although we aren’t forcing the audience to share their stories, there is some audience participation that really makes each show more personal to the audience that is there each night.

"I’ve always been drawn to honest plays and it’s been a pleasure working with the cast to truthfully portray these stories with the respect they deserve.”