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Dateline: 15th December, 2004
Updated: 16th December

Jimmy Krankie
Janette Tough as Jimmy Krankie

Jimmy Krankie in Panto Accident

Janette Tough, known to the public by her Scottish schoolboy character Jimmy Krankie, has been injured in an accident while she was playing Jack's brother Jimmy in Jack and the Beanstalk at Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow. She was at the top of the beanstalk at the end of the first half. She and her co-star, Scottish soap star Gary Hollywood, were about ten feet up when the lift that holds up the beanstalk fell and both were thrown to the ground.

They were taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where the condition of both was said to be "stable".

The 57-year old performer, along with her husband Ian (who was playing Dame Trot), has been a pantomime stalwart since the eighties, after being "spotted" by Lord Delfont in 1978 and invited to take part in the 1979 Royal Variety Show.

The accident happened during the matinee performance today (Wednesday 15th December) and the show was immediately stopped and the evening performance cancelled.

Janette Tough is now reported to have concussion and a broken collar bone and, according to her husband Ian, will not be returning to the panto. ""She's got a fractured collar bone. It'll be at least seven to eight weeks before that's healed," he told the BBC. "They say that with concussion and a head injury it's four to five weeks, so I wouldn't say she'll be back in."

"She's in a lot of pain," he added, "but she's not in any desperate danger."

He, too, will not be returning to the show. It is not yet known if the show will continue without the Krankies.


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