Lexi’s Buxton Fringe look at Mrs Oscar Wilde

Steve Orme

Writer and performer Lexi Wolfe is to take to Buxton Fringe her one-woman show about the life of Constance Lloyd—Oscar Wilde’s wife.

Mrs Oscar Wilde traces the life of Constance Lloyd from her teenage years to just before her death. The play is a “moving, sometimes funny” depiction of her life based on her letters to her brother and others. It covers her own literary career, her actions towards women’s rights and the trials and tribulations of her life with Oscar which involved raising their two sons almost single-handedly.

In 2016, Sheffield-born Wolfe received a best female actor nomination at Buxton for Mrs Oscar Wilde. In 2017, it will be performed Underground at the Arts Centre Studio on Thursday 6 July at 8PM, Tuesday 11 July at 4:30PM and Saturday 19 July at 8PM.