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Dateline 20th February, 2000

Lion King to open on Sundays
From the beginning of its next booking period (8th October), The Lion King will open on Sundays. Following the convention already in place on Broadway, it will have a matinee at 3pm on Sunday instead of a Monday evebing performance. It will be only the fifth West End show to do so: the others are Art, Buddy, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) and Peggy for You.

Last Week's Awards
Peter O'Toole was given an Outstanding Achievement Award at the Olivier Award presentation on Friday 18th February. At the same time another veteran of British acting, Michael Caine, was presented with Empire magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award. After receiving the award Caine commented that it doesn't mean his career is over and that the magazine will have to find a way of giving him another in fifteen years time. Caine is 66.

Other UK-related winners in the Empire Awards were:

Irish Theatre Awards
The winners of the Irish Theatre Awards have been announced:

As an aside, the Lyric has been attacked for spamming theatre groups on Usenet with its celebratory postings!

Branagh's musical Shakespeare
Kenneth Branagh's latest Shakeapeare film is to be a version of Love's Labour's Lost with music by Berlin, Gershwin and Porter.

Branagh, who calls it a "fluffy boy-meets-girl story", has set the film in the '30s and it imitates the style of what he calls the "screwball comedies" of that era.

Love's Labour's Lost will premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Wit in the West End in April
Margaret Edson's Pulitzer Prize-wining Wit is to open at the Vaudeville on 3rd April (previews from 27th March). It star American stage veteran Kathleen Chalfant in her West End debut.

Mike Leigh's G&S
This week sees the opening of Topsy Turvy, a new film by Mike Leigh which deals with Gilbert and Sullivan's efforts to stage The Mikado. It stars Jim Broadbent and Lesley Manville. In spite of its subject matter, it is, Leigh says, a typical Mike Leigh film. "It would be wrong for anyone to possibly run away with the idea that it's an absolute departure from anything else I've done," he said.