New NE theatre company seeks members

Peter Lathan

Northern Players, a new professional North East theatre company, is inviting expressions of interest from potential new members.

“We are looking for three or four people to join us,” said Northern Players’ Michelle Bayly. “As a part of the team we will all share in the responsibilities of running a theatre company: admin, funding, web site, sales, marketing, producing, acting, directing etc. It is important that candidates are happy and willing to be a part of the whole theatre-making process.

“We are looking for people to join the company as a long-term commitment, though we will support each other as professionals within and outside of the company, so there will be freedom to work on other projects or for other companies / commitments as well. We aim for our creative team to be able to make a living doing what they love, with the work we produce together, whilst giving them the flexibility to create their own projects and work elsewhere within the profession.”

Northern Players aims to “create theatre and new writing productions around the North East of England, working in theatres and on site specific locations as well as facilitating TIE projects to help workshop local and current issues, in areas with limited arts and theatre presence.”

The company will also “promote the arts and theatre, engaging new audiences and informing and telling of our local heritage.”

“It’s very early days,” said Bayly. “We are looking for a founding team first and then together we will discuss creating Northern Players as a limited company with charity status. Then we will work together on a funding plan as a creative board and start discussing the projects we will produce.”

Anyone interested should e-mail by 30 July 2017 with a little about themselves, their experience, how they can see their involvement within the theatre company and a brief (three sentences) idea for a project they would wish to do as part of the company.

Then applicants will be contacted to let them know if the company would like to invite them to an audition and to have an informal chat, which will be held in Newcastle. Submissions are welcome from people of all backgrounds, as long as they are above the age of 18, have previous experience working for a theatre company and are happy to work in a multi-disciplinary fashion.