Panel unwraps Pinter at Derby Theatre

Steve Orme

A symposium about Harold Pinter and his work, Unwrap Pinter, is to be held at Derby Theatre which is staging the playwright’s dark comedy Betrayal.

Journalist, broadcaster and author Mark Lawson will chair the symposium and the panel will include Kate Bassett, critic and literary associate at Chichester Festival Theatre, and James Hudson, senior lecturer in drama at the University of Lincoln.

The free session is part of the venue’s Theatre Unwrapped programme and will explore Lekan Lawal’s new production as well as Pinter and his work.

Lawal said, “on the surface Betrayal is quite easy to understand but there are other elements that are more obtuse and harder to get to grips with.

“Despite the fact that there is a reverse chronology, you can talk about the plot on one level quite easily. But the more you interrogate it the more you discover that it’s a really complex investigation of the human condition, how we survive and the way we react and interact with each other.

“The really exciting thing for me is that you can watch the play and get one thing from it. But the more you look at it the more you see things going on beneath the surface.”

Unwrap Pinter will be held at Derby Theatre on Thursday 23 March from 5:30 until 7PM.