Slapdash International Improv Festival

Sandra Giorgetti

Annual improv festival Slapdash International runs over a week this month bringing improvised mirth and training workshops to the capital.

Slapdash, the longest-running festival of improvised theatre, this year is headlined by Armando Diaz, Hawaiian group On The Spot Improv and the inaugural performance of Slapdash International Cast.

Diaz is well known on the international improve scene, whilst On The Spot Improv from Hawaii is making its overseas début with improvised silent movie Hush.

The first Slapdash International Cast, a team from six different countries, come together for one performance only on the Friday night. Training over the week under teacher Jon Bolden from The Hideout Theatre Texas, they will perform a one-act improvised play.

A wide range of improve workshops are on offer.

Show events will take place at new London venue The Nursery Broadgate, whilst workshops will take place at The Nursery and its Training Centre at London Bridge.

Slapdash International runs between 16 and 22 October.