Little Thing, Big Thing

Donal O’Kelly


Assembly George Square Studios

From 06 August 2015 to 30 August 2015

Rating: *****

Review by Philip Fisher

Donal O’Kelly has written and stars in one of the strongest plays on the Fringe this year.

His comic story, pairing a petty gangster with a missionary nun, grips throughout its 80-minute duration, even providing an ending that is bravely unorthodox.

O’Kelly and Sorcha Fox play all of the parts, using their vocal and acting skills to distinguish between a wide selection of generally insalubrious characters.

The plot is almost irrelevant but sees Sister Martha returning from Nigeria to Dublin with a roll of incriminating film that streams of bad guys try to scare her into giving up.

Her only assistance comes from Larry, a dodgy partner who is on parole after serving ten years in prison, largely as a result of a drug habit.

While the action is so limited that Little Thing, Big Thing might make a perfect radio play, the good natured humour, almost perfect construction and expert direction from Jim Culleton for Fishamble make this an unmissable thriller with eco credentials and many laughs.