Pelham Grosvenor-Stevenson and Cal Moffat

Drake's Drummers

Lions Den, Plymouth Hoe (part of the Waterfront Festival)

From 21 August 2017 to 27 August 2017

Review by Karen Bussell

Hercules is in trouble for a bit of casual familial slaughter. His penance: a ‘to do’ list which goes somewhat wrong as 1000 Aegean cows prove to be not quite immortal after all and just how difficult can slaying a bird be?

Meanwhile Achilles is decomposing, Helen the spaniel of Troy is kidnapped and Paris, who really hasn’t ever been to France, has the makings of a fruit salad and the core of a golden apple. Icarus’s Imporium of Illicit Items is flogging a not quite dead horse as the last of a swarm of Pegasi while strategy and desperation is rife in the yurt of war.

There’s carnage, chaos and a huge amount of humour as five Drake's Drummers populate Greece, Troy and a doorless wooden horse.    

Sounds confusing? It doesn’t matter.

With a passing nod to Homer’s great works and much artistic license, Pelham Grosvenor-Stevenson and Cal Moffat have devised a very funny 60-minute romp through mythology with much stomping about and clattering of swords. 

Played on Plymouth’s own Minack (ish—the Lion’s Den, the former men-only nude sunbathing area on the very edge of Plymouth Hoe affording a fab backdrop of sea, boats and breakwater... and a fleeting appearance by the Brittany Ferry), Shodyssey is an all-round delight from a home-grown, enthusiastic young theatre company.

Grosvenor-Stevenson is the master of comic timing channelling his inner Monty Python as Helen / Hercules / Achilles / Icarus while Moffat as Paris / Odysseus / Ioulus exudes dry wit and charm (and fruit).

Laconic Anastasios Challas is a statuesque Hector / Agamemnon / Terimachus / Aphrodite / Ajax; Roxanne Boulbin is edgy, petulant and resigned by turns as Cassandra / Hera / Hades / Perseus while Chelsea Vincent, with just a jaunty swivel of a crown, delivers throwaway lines with aplomb as Menelaus / Priam / Athena / Patroclus.

Shodyssey is first up in the inaugural Waterside Festival’s programme of events with poetry readings, storytelling, workshops and drama still to come.

Well worth a look. Find timings and tickets at