Maeve Bell

Seam Theatre

theSpace on North Bridge

From 03 August 2014 to 23 August 2014

Rating: *

Review by Catherine Lamm

Temple Grandin is one of the high profile and high functioning of what has recently been diagnosed as autistic. She excelled by earning a doctorate of animal science from Colorado State University, writing best-selling books and becoming an autistic activist.

She’s a remarkable woman as evidenced in this bio-drama by Maeve Bell. Bell enlightens us on the transformation Grandin went through at breaking through her “neurodevelopmental personality trait”.

Grandin utilized her own experience and view of her world to refashion the slaughter industry in the United States ultimately saving them money and minimizing trauma on the animals.

But here it doesn’t quite make good theatre. Too often writers are so taken with their subject that the art form suffers. And these actors are not able to help at all; although Ms Bell is consistently and believably quirky enough to make an interesting Temple Grandin.