The Silencer

Rachel Neuberger

Pleasance Courtyard

From 06 August 2012 to 26 August 2012

Rating: ***

Review by Philip Fisher

Fringe regular David Calvitto has fun playing Dave, a 50-year-old New Yorker originally hailing from West Virginia, in an hour-long monologue that has many of the traits one expects to see in Neil Labute plays.

Initially, Dave extols the joys of love with perfect Charlie, an angel of the first order whom he fortuitously meets in a bar.

Novelist Charlie sounds like a dream girl and, as Dave enlightens us about their history, stripping away the embellishments, that turns out to be close to the truth.

We gradually discover that neither is quite what they seemed. Hywel John directs a piece that starts as a romcom and slowly develops into something less romantic and finally truly sinister.