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Crimes on Centre Court

Author(s): Feargus Woods-Dunlop
Company: New Old Friends
Running time: 1h 45min approx

Lord Knows, the chair of The Whombledun International Invitational Tennis Tournament, has died and his son Hugh, is suspicious. The police won’t take the case so Hugh calls in Perry & Penny Pink, private investigators.

This deucey summertime treat will rally the spirits and leave you wanting a second serve-ing of the volley of gags and visual delights. The Bath-based company has built a national reputation with its wildly inventive set-pieces, twisty plots and commitment to unadulterated entertainment.


Lyceum Theatre, Crewe
Palace Theatre, Southend
Lighthouse, Poole
Beck Theatre, Hayes
Lakeside Arts, Nottingham
Eden Court, Inverness