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The Still Room

Author(s): Sally Rogers
Company: Rogers Douglas Productions in association with Park Theatre

Manchester, 1981. Charles is about to marry Diana and a game show called It’s a Knock Out is on TV. Janice is a banquet waitress in a small, struggling hotel that is readying itself to host the Miss North West competition in a bid to revive their floundering fortunes.

In the still room, where the waiters wait, Janice also waits for her O Level results... if she gets less than four, her father says she has to move out. Bored to death and struggling to see how she can leave her home town, everything changes when a new waitress arrives.

She is different to the other waiting staff, her confidence and bold ideas challenge Janice’s own perceptions of the world. So begins a chain of events that will change everything.

A dark and sexy black comedy.