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Author(s): Devised in collaboration by Paul H. Barnes, Andy O. Cook, Lu Curtis, Mischa Jones, Eva H. Lee, Mengqiu Xu, Diana Vallverdú i Cabrera. With additional collaboration from Zhaolin Zhou and Inés Collado
Company: ANTS Theatre

Qrumpet is the performance of a live-sized quantum experiment. The seven characters are part of a machine that is repeatedly throwing a crumpet against a wall in hopes that it will one day jump through the wall and appear at the other end. The performance revolves around this hope. The seven characters believe that, if they keep repeating the experiment without changing any of the conditions, a chosen Qrumpet (The Quantum Qrumpet) will go through the wall.

The performance is structured in sequences. Each sequence is one crumpet throwing experiment, in which the characters will first get a crumpet, then prepare the crumpet for the specific conditions of the experiment, and then throw the crumpet against the wall. Someone at the other side of the wall is waiting to see if the crumpet appears after throwing it.