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Author(s): Ambreen Razia
Company: Bush Theatre and Clean Break

"There’s going to be some changes round here, sugar and TV allowed whenever you want"

Leila is happy living at home with Noor, her loving but traditional grandmother. When Aleena, her fiercely independent mother, returns home from prison determined to deliver a new world of fun and excitement, their calm lives are upended in a blur of nail varnish and sweet treats. Family secrets come tumbling into the light, and Leila finds deciding on her future more difficult than she first thought.

Favour is a hopeful family drama that tackles duty, addiction, and the battle of putting yourself back together. Writer of Diary of a Hounslow Girl Ambreen Razia’s new play, a new Bush Theatre, and Clean Break co-commission, tells a frank story of a working-class Muslim family.


Bush Theatre, London