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Author(s): Nikhil Parmar
Company: Bush Theatre

"No more quiet, no more model minority, no more wacky best friend. At least when we were the bad guys we existed."

Meet Zayan, an under-employed actor and over-employed dealer who sees himself as the hapless lead in the sitcom that is his life. Everyone else sees him as lazy, self-centered, and useless—if they even notice him at all.

As Zayan attempts to transition from being neglected to being notorious, we see how a man whose brushes with oppression, grief, and the sneaking suspicion that he’s become invisible have driven him to the unforgivable.

Invisible is a dark story tracking one man’s desperate struggle to be seen as the hero of his own narrative. A new Bush Theatre commission written and performed by Nikhil Parmar (Trollied).


Bush Theatre, London