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Author(s): Fraser Grace, adapted from Andrey Platonov’s The River Potudan
Company: Menagerie Theatre Company in association with Neil McPherson for Finborough Theatre
Running time: 2h 30min approx

1921. Russia. Winter.

When ‘victorious’ Nikita returns home from the brutal civil war, he attempts to start a new life balanced precariously between his drunken father Mikhail and his new wife Lyuba, the feisty young girl he remembers from his school days. When Nikita fails to consummate his marriage—all the while aware that he is being haunted by a mysterious figure—escape is the only solution he can find. He finally emerges in a new town further along the Potudan River, only to be accused of an ambiguous crime against the Soviet State…

Based on a short story by the brilliant but little-known Russian writer Andrey Platonov (1899–1951), Bliss is a kaleidoscope of hopes, dreams and realities, as the survivors of years of devastating war and political revolution search for their ‘bliss’ in post-war Soviet Russia. They quickly learn that a society needs time to recover from catastrophe, and that the future is only built by those who manage to accept their past.


Finborough Theatre, London