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So I’m Not A Princess?

Author(s): Eleanor Sandars
Running time: 1h 00min approx

Singing sensation Eleanor Sandars will be taking audiences on a journey of self-discovery through some princess and musical theatre hits with the musical direction of Paul Knight.

Growing up in the idyllic North Somerset countryside, Eleanor had big dreams of reaching her full Princess potential, including but not limited to a Prince, a castle, singing animal friends and of course the largest ball gown available. Surrounded by woodlands, sheep, and the ability to sing so loudly she could hear her voice echoing through the land, how could she not believe herself to be a Princess?

Filled with funny childhood and coming-of-age stories involving numerous pets, a built-in wardrobe and a first kiss.

2 performances only:

  • Saturday 14 May 2022 @7:30PM
  • Saturday 28 May @7:30PM