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Les Dawson: Flying High

Author(s): Tim Whitnall
Company: So Comedy & Broken Robot Productions
Running time: 1h 00min approx

Les Dawson: Flying High channels anecdotes, incidents, and insights into Les’s journey, as he travels on Concorde at twice the speed of sound 68,000 feet above the Earth, in this new play from BAFTA and Olivier Award-winning writer Tim Whitnall and director Bob Golding.

Growing up, Les, the self-declared ‘slum kid’, yearned to be recognized for his writing prowess and to transform his passion of literature into a full-time profession. Simultaneously, he discovered his ability to make people laugh and carried this ambition into adulthood, reflected in his acclaimed memoirs No Tears for the Clown. Initially considered a tedious task by Les, this autobiography acted as an abundant pool of information for Tim Whitnall, offering glimpses and lessons to be extracted out of Dawson’s spectacular flight through life.