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A Hero of the People

Author(s): Brad Birch, after An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen

MP Mick Powell is optimistic about his plan to introduce fracking to his town and the benefits it will bring. Everything is going to be fine, better than fine, in fact there’s nothing that can’t be achieved if everyone just believes a little. The naysayers just need to pipe down.

But there’s a problem. His sister, Dr Rhiannon Powell, has discovered that the project appears to be polluting the town’s water supply. Mick sold the town a story about the future, but what will happen when reality looks to tear that story apart? What will the cost be for himself, his family and his town? Is he in too deep?

Pitting the personal against the political, and facts against emotion, A Hero of the People is a contemporary drama which speaks to the world we now find ourselves in.