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Dom Juan

Author(s): Molière, translated by Brett Bodemer
Company: Theatre Lab Company and Exchange Theatre

Dom Juan by Molière is a light, dangerous, charming and addictive cocktail that follows the last day of the legendary playboy’s life set against a backdrop of a decaying Venice Carnival.

Charming, egocentric, philanderer, recently wed, Dom Juan is about to commit another adultery against his new wife and sets out in pursuit of his next amorous conquest accompanied by his servant, Sganarelle. Don Juan is remorseless, unrepentant and has a voracious libido. Sganarelle is clever, pious but ambitious and challenges his master’s libertine views as the pair engage in a deep and yet hilarious philosophical debate.

This production is a feast for the senses where theatre, comedy, lust, music, luxury, masks and the labyrinth of dreams and desires all mingle and mix.

It will be staged alternately in English and French.


The Vaults, London