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Author(s): Dvořák
Company: Philharmonia Orchestra and Garsington Opera
Running time: 3h 30min approx

A new production of Dvořák’s best-loved opera, the dark fairy tale Rusalka, features Welsh soprano Natalya Romaniw in the title role. One of the 2022 International Festival’s orchestras in residence, the Philharmonia Orchestra, is conducted by Douglas Boyd, Artistic Director of Garsington Opera.

Rusalka is the haunting fable of a water sprite who sacrifices everything when she falls in love with a human prince.

She enlists the help of a witch, entering the mortal world and giving up her voice to be with him—only to discover the true cost of love is greater still. Inspired by sources including Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, Dvořák’s sensual opera shimmers with glinting orchestral colours. Sound and silence reverberate against each other as soaring romantic melodies sweep through the eerie quiet. Reality and the supernatural collide in luscious evocations of the natural world.