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2Gorgeous4U – From Ladette To Laundrette

Author(s): Mark Davies Markham
Company: Bill Elms Productions

Clare is a beautician with her own spa and treatment room in Waterloo. Happily single, she is online just in case. Her one desire in life is a wet room.

But back in the Britpop 1990s, Clare was one half of a pop duo 2Gorgeous4U with her best mate Tina. They were wild—but fell out acrimoniously.

Now they have been asked to reform for a music festival in their hometown of Liverpool. But can they put the past behind them and move on—and what was it all about anyway? All set against a musical soundtrack featuring Queen Latifa, Blur, Gabrielle, K-Klass, and plenty more.

Lynne Fitzgerald plays no fewer than 10 different roles in the show.


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