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Contemporary Dance 2.0

Author(s): Choreography and Music by Hofesh Shechter
Company: Shechter II

A rhythmic, fiercely energetic performance from celebrated choreographer Hofesh Shechter and his award-winning company Shechter II.

Contemporary Dance 2.0 unleashes the intensity of Shechter’s signature ensemble work combined with an eclectic sound-score with euphoric feel and throbbing beats.

In a work that is dipped in ironic references to pop culture and making a playful take on Shechter’s own art form, in Contemporary Dance 2.0, only one thing is certain: the dancers do it their way.

Dancers: Tristan Carter, Cristel de Frankrijker, Justine Gouache, Zakarius Harry, Alex Haskins, Oscar Jinghu Li, Keanah Faith Simin, Chanel Vyent.