The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

Author(s): Johnny Mcknight
Company: Tron Theatre Company

When a tornado rips through her home, Dorothy Blawna-Gale and her trusty dog Tronto find themselves landed in the mystical land of Oz. To get back to their beloved home, they must embark on a treacherous and lethal journey through all sorts of hilarious bampoterry.

On their journey, they meet a Scarecrow without a brain (but with 24k Insta-sham followers); a Tin Wummin’ without a heart (rumours that she works for the local council can’t be confirmed) and a Lion who can’t help but run away from danger to the nearest fridge to hide.

Can Dorothy and Tronto ever find their way back home? And how on earth are we going to do a tornado scene on our budget? Only one way to find out… book your tickets for this year’s Tron-take on a classic and get ready to boo, hiss and click your heels together three times.


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