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Liszt Mosaics

Author(s): Choreographed by Gábor Mihályi
Company: Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
Running time: 2h 55min approx

Art Director of Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, violinist István “Szalonna” Pál, will lead some of the traditional folk music, including the piece that was the origin of Bartók’s Duos for Two Violins, and will be joined by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra conducted by Oleg Caetani, and renowned Canadian violinist Alexandre Da Costa in Bartók pieces that have drawn influence from traditional Hungarian music.

The evening then shifts to focus on Franz Liszt. With music that reaches across the centuries, these mosaics of instrumental, dance and song arrange themselves into a single, grand tableau to bring the past to life and find the roots of our own present.

The evening also features the music of Paganini and Chopin, contemporaries who influenced the composer, alongside some of the finest pieces of Hungary's romanticism.