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Yeast Nation (The Triumph of Life)

Author(s): Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann
Company: Proud Haddock and Benji Sperring Productions
Running time: 2h 00min approx

Yeast Nation is a black comedy set in the brine of the primordial soup over 3 and a half billion years ago.

As the original colony of salt-eating Yeast take their first tentative steps up (or down) the evolutionary ladder, some of The Yeast are happy to stay in stasis at the bottom of the sea. However, there are others in the colony determined to rise and grow, even if it is against the wishes of The Yeast’s leader, Jan-the-Elder, who refuses to acknowledge the depletion of their limited saline food supply.

But as even Jan-the-Elder’s son strives against his father, who knows what troubles The Yeast will face as they come to terms with the cruellest evolutionary hurdle: Love?

Part classic Greek drama, part bio-historical comedy musical, part bizarre fever dream, and all unique theatre experience, Yeast Nation shows that no matter your size, you have to dream big.