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We Are The Best!

Author(s): Lukas Moodysson
Company: Live Theatre
Running time: 2h 00min approx

Stockholm 1982. Three friends decide to change the world. Or at least change their world.

And their hair.

Bobo doesn’t quite fit in. Luckily, neither does her friend Klara. With classmates, parents and teachers that oppress them on all sides, the two misfits decide to start a band.

Joined by the shyest pupil in school, Hedwig, they begin to play. They don’t know how to play but that doesn’t matter. They are doing it. And they are the best!

Lukas Moodysson’s film, based on his wife Coco’s comic book, has now been rewritten by Rebecca Glendenning (Bonnie and the Bonnettes) as a punk story for here and now.