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Company: Papergang Theatre
Running time: 1h 00min approx

Performed by a cast of actors who remain anonymous throughout to protect their identities Dreamers 夢中人 takes inspiration from “To dream 發夢”, a 2019 Hong Kong euphemism for attending a protest. In the days leading up to the performance, the show will start for audiences with messages through Telegram, the messaging app used by the protesters.

Performing the show would be seen as sedition. To avoid prosecution in Hong Kong, the identities of the company must be kept secret, and they will be known only as Lobster, Crayfish, Tampon Ranger, Pineapple, Squid and Otter.

Dreamers 夢中人 is the sequel to Papergang’s Vault Festival award-winning 2020 show Freedom Hi 自由. It sees a multidisciplinary group of BESEA artists come together to track the changes in Hong Kong over the past two years through a constantly evolving compilation of lived experience, live art, and dance as well as live interaction with the audience through Telegram.