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A Letter to Harvey Milk

Author(s): Lyrics by Laura I Kramer, additional lyrics by Cheryl Stern, music by Ellen M Schwartz, book by Ellen M Schwartz, Cheryl Stern, Laura I Kramer and Jerry James
Company: Waterloo East Theatre
Running time: 1h 40min approx

San Francisco. 1986.

When Harry, an amiable but lonely retired kosher butcher, fulfils a writing assignment to compose a letter to someone from his past who's dead, he writes not to his late wife Frannie but to Harvey Milk, the first openly gay political leader in California. Barbara, his young lesbian writing teacher at the senior centre, is stunned. Harry's letter sets off a series of life-changing events that neither could have foreseen.

With its soaring score and deeply-felt, surprisingly funny lyrics, this musical deals with issues of friendship and loss, the grip of the past and the hard-won acceptance set in motion by the most unexpected people.