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Barefoot in the Park

Author(s): Neil Simon

Johnny Labey (Strictly Ballroom in the West End, EastEnders) & US actress Chloe McClay (Everything I Know About Love, Phantom) will star in Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park, directed by Robin Herford, at the Mill At Sonning Theatre.

They play newlyweds Paul and Corie, who are excited to begin their life together in their new apartment in Manhattan.

It may be small and a six-flight climb, the heating may be busted and snow may be falling through the skylight, but nothing can quash their newlywed bliss.

Paul is a straight-laced lawyer and Corie a romantic free-spirit; nevertheless, opposites attract and the two are wild about each other.

Corie decides to set her conservative widowed mother up with their eccentric, bohemian neighbour, Mr Velasco. A wild night ensues, one that highlights just how different Corie and Paul are. The young couple must learn how to accept and embrace their differences as they learn that marriage is no easy walk in the park—shoes or no shoes.

The cast is completed by Rachel Fielding, James Simmons, Oliver Stanley.

Creative team: director Robin Herford, set designer Michael Holt, costume designer Natalie Titchener.