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Maw Goose

Running time: 2h 00min approx

Things are not going well down in Stirling Stella—Maw Goose is being threatened with eviction from her Dance Academy for not paying Panto Tax; eldest son Jack is missing ballet class because he’s fallen for new pupil Jill and youngest son Gary is too busy forming his own band with Bo Peep and Little Jack Horner to notice that the evil Narcissa has plans to steal the family’s beloved Lucy the Goosey.

The only person that can save the day is the lovely Fairy Liqui-Tap, but she’s only a learner fairy and is struggling to pass her Higher Grade in Fairy Technology.

Will Maw Goose manage to pay those bills and still have enough spare change to afford some cut-price Botox? Will Jack and Jill manage to get down safely from the hill when they fetch that pail of water? And will the evil Narcissa’s plan to have Goose for her Christmas dinner succeed?