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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Author(s): William Shakespeare
Company: Iris Theatre

Cast: Ailsa Joy as Puck, Ricky Oakley as Demetrius, Zena Carswell as Helena, Freddy Elletson as Lysander, Richard Holt as Bottom, Melissa Parker as Hermia, and Isambard Rawbone as Oberon.

Director: Sara Aniqah Malik; producer: Rob Ellis; set designer: Sophia Pardon; sound designer: Julian Starr, stage manager: Waverley Moran.

It’s Midsummer’s night and the young people of Athens Academy are getting ready for a party. Young Demetrius is about to be crowned prom king with his queen-to-be (he hopes) Hermia. Only problem is, she’s in love with someone else…

Fleeing her homecoming throne, Hermia escapes to the forest where new mysteries await her. A feuding fairy King and Queen plot revenge, a band of travelling misfits prepare for their latest performance whilst a magical trickster pursues mischief.

Expect enchantments, merriment, '90s throwbacks and love triangles aplenty in this hilarious romp through the gardens of the Actors Church in Central London. Can love really to conquer all?