Author(s): Yasmin Wilde
Company: Rifco Theatre Company and Watford Palace Theatre
Running time: 2h 00min approx

Sonia’s life has always been a bit of a double act; brought up as one half of a Shirley Bassey tribute act alongside her overbearing mother Gloria, she left a trail of sequins across the working men’s clubs of East Anglia.

Now she’s divorced, battling through the middle-age jungle, wrangling unimpressed teenagers and navigating rocky friendships.

But the unexpected arrival of Sonia’s half-brother Naim from Manchester brings a refreshed sense of belonging and cultural identity, as he introduces her to her Pakistani side she had never known before.

Sonia is excited to immerse herself in the culture and finally begins to piece together the mosaic of her life. But a disturbing discovery threatens to shatter her world all over again.

Can Sonia shake off the past, even with her ever-present mother keeping ‘the show’ on the road from beyond the grave?

Inspired by a real-life story, Glitterball is a midlife coming-of-age comedy about motherhood, identity and finding the time to shine.


Riverside Studios, London