The Cherry Orchard

Author(s): Anton Chekhov, adapted by Vinay Patel
Company: ETT, Yard Theatre and HOME, Manchester

An old starship travels through space, almost at the speed of light, searching for a home billions of miles from earth.

Like their ancestors before them, the crew were born on this ship, this voyage is all they've ever known. And then—

A planet is spotted

In a habitable zone!

Imagine what we could do with the place

It’s a miracle

But not everyone wants to see it.

Captain Ramesh is adamant that they can’t leave—but the downdeckers are getting restless—something has to change. Will they leap into a new future, or stay stuck on this journey forever?

Vinay Patel reimagines Chekhov’s bittersweet play for 2022 and beyond, in a world première production directed by James Macdonald.


The Yard Theatre, London
HOME Manchester, Manchester