Author(s): Claudio Monteverdi and Jasdeep Singh Degun
Company: Opera North
Running time: 2h 15min approx

The wedding of the year is here as Orpheus, the musician of mythical power, marries graceful Eurydice. When the newlyweds’ joy is shattered by the sudden death of Eurydice, the heartbroken hero sets off on a mission to the Underworld to rescue his bride, certain that his love will overcome adversity. Can Orpheus conquer fate, or will his heart be broken for a second time?

This new production of an ancient tragedy is told through a meeting of the worlds of Indian and western baroque classical music. The bowed strings of the violin and the tar shehnai, the hammered strings of the santoor, the plucked strings of the harpsichord and sitar and the rhythms of the tabla shape a musical encounter between East and West.

Music directors Jasdeep Singh Degun and Laurence Cummings weave together their respective traditions of Indian classical and western early music, joined by a cast including Ashnaa Sasikaran and Nicholas Watts.


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