Cell Outs

Author(s): Ella Church and Harriet Troup
Company: Glasshouse Theatre
Running time: 1h 20min approx
Age recommendation: 16+

“Don’t you think it’s pretty f*cked that a lot of stuff we do in the prison, like if we were to do that in the street we’d get arrested straight off?”

A dark comedy written and performed by two ex-prison officers, Cell Outs follows the true experiences of two young women as they stare down the injustices of the UK prison system and attempt to unpick the dangerous effects of power and privilege.

Harriet and Ella join a dubious grad scheme which promises to fulfil their wildest social justice dreams. Equipped with their humanities degrees and bright-eyed naivety, they’re catapulted onto the landings of London’s most dangerous jails as fully qualified prison officers—fresh cut keys, squeaky boots and blind enthusiasm. Watch as their worlds descend into burnout and brutalisation.


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