Author(s): David Eldridge
Company: Royal Exchange Theatre
Age recommendation: 14+

“I feel like my whole life’s on the toss of a coin.”

The house-warming’s over. The place is a mess, but Laura doesn’t give a toss, not even about the fag burn on the carpet; she has other things on her mind. She’s 38, single, and has just bought a ‘fancy’ one-bedroom flat, but she’s sick of being sensible. Tonight though, she has a feeling in her bones.

Then there’s Danny, whose ‘radar’ is out of battery, a Peroni in his hand, ketchup on his work shirt and a cigarette on the go… just to calm his nerves.

In the post-party chaos, Laura and Danny slowly orbit each other—awkward moves, first dances, fish finger butties, embarrassing banter. Together they navigate infinite possibilities, and as night shifts into day, an unthinkable, impossible and life-changing opportunity becomes clear.

Amongst the missteps and butterflies, there might just be... a beginning?


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