Kontemporary Korea: A Triple-Bill of K:Dance: Foreign Body, Did U Hear, and Rush

Foreign Body

Foreign Body is a short film about how bodies that do not fit within the framework of society are treated as foreign bodies and ultimately rejected.

But can only bodies excluded and alienated as foreign bodies be called foreign bodies? In her short film production, Foreign Body, the choreographer Howool Baek digitally deals with foreignness in our society. In everyday places in the Berlin Metropolis, the clones negotiate exclusion, power and prejudice. The 10 episodes tell of strange encounters and familiar group dynamics in the increasingly alienated society in which we live. Anyone could be a foreign body—anywhere.

Did U Hear

Did U Hear by Howool Baek is the body interpretation of the poem "The rose that grew from concrete", written by rapper 2PAC. It exposes a process of deconstruction of the body into individual life. And discovers various shapes of body images through harmonious connection and extension. When the fragmented bodies have their own voices and when they build an image, the body has its own story of poem. It's the work that is remembered as image and sensory details. In addition to what's visually depicted on the stage, the sound delivers a physical experience through the surround sound system.


The Lowry, Salford
The Place, London

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