Tic Toc

Tic Toc presents the story of a close-knit friendship group that battled through the adversity of the time but resulted in a devastating split. When a reunion is planned... one of them hasn’t been invited!

There’s bitterness, hurt and tension. What if she turns up anyway? Where is she after all these years? There’s a longing to see her but also a dread. Gradually the past that brought the women to this point in time unfolds. Will enmity prevail or the bonds of re-kindled love and friendship?

Come and join in the reunion with Gillian Elisa, Lowri-Ann Richards, Clare Hingott, Olwen Rees, Mary-Anne Roberts and Carys Gwilym.

Tic Toc pays homage to the strength, heroism and joie de vivre of factory women—celebrating their lives in a show that’s based on their stories and reminiscences. Join them to relive those memories as they gather to recreate the good times and become young ‘jivers’ again.


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