The Little Prince

Author(s): Luca Silvestrini
Company: Luca Silvestrini’s Protein
Running time: 1h 10min approx

The Little Prince

Stranded in the desert where he’s crashed his plane, a pilot meets an inquisitive boy who tells him a remarkable story of how he left his own tiny asteroid and journeyed through the universe. On this journey, the Little Prince comes face to face with the baffling world of grown-ups, from a king who reigns over nothing to a businessman obsessively counting stars, from a mysterious snake to a truly wise and friendly fox. With an original score by Frank Moon, design by Yann Seabra and lighting by Jackie Shemesh.

The cast of four, returning from the 2019 tour, includes original cast members Donna Lennard, Andrew Gardiner and Faith Prendergast. Joining them is Simon Palmer, who has previously performed with companies including Punchdrunk, Theatre-Rites and Arthur Pita.


The Place, London