A Christmas Carol

Author(s): Charles Dickens, adapted by Mark Gatiss
Company: Nottingham Playhouse

A Christmas Carol

It’s a cold Christmas Eve and mean-spirited miser Ebenezer Scrooge (Nicholas Farrell) has an unexpected visit from the spirit of his former business partner Jacob Marley (Mark Gatiss). Bound in chains as punishment for a lifetime of greed, the unearthly figure explains it isn’t too late for Scrooge to change his miserly ways in order to escape the same fate, but first he’ll have to face three more eerie encounters…

A Christmas Carol is the latest collaboration between Gatiss and Penford following Nottingham Playhouse’s production of The Madness of George III in 2018. The production is designed by Paul Wills, with lighting design by Philip Gladwell, sound design by Ella Wahlström, video design by Nina Dunn, movement direction by Georgina Lamb and composition by Tingying Dong. Sam Stevenson is the casting director, Matthew Forbes is the puppet director and Jasmine Teo is the associate director.


Alexandra Palace, London