Arthur Smith: Syd

Author(s): Arthur Smith
Company: Incidental Colman Ltd
Running time: 1h 45min approx

Arthur Smith

Packed with gags, stories and reflections about an ordinary man who lived through extraordinary times, Smith, accompanied by Kirsty Newton, tells the story of his own father.

Syd Smith fought at El Alamein, became a POW and ended the war in the notorious Colditz Castle in Germany. In the 1950s, PC Syd patrolled London’s South Bank and met a gallery of characters, whom he tried his best not to arrest.

Arthur tells this 20th century story with laughter and song and, quoting directly from his father’s hand-written journal, he splices time, memories and music with his own carefree youth. The show features songs from Ray Davies, Leonard Cohen (of course), Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Jerome Kern and Simon and Garfunkel as well as a less than stirring rendition of "The Lambeth Walk".