Pinocchio: The Greatest Wonder of the Age

Author(s): Paul Boyd


When evil circus-owner Swallowfire realises that she has finally discovered the location of the mythical Tree of Truth, she sets up her carnival sideshow next to it. The Tree is said to grant a heart’s desire, and Swallowfire has plans to use its magic so that her circus becomes the greatest in the world.

One day, Swallowfire finds a piece of the tree and asks a local carpenter to carve a new attraction from it: a wooden boy. That night the fairy that lives in the Tree brings Pinocchio to life…

As part of the Tree of Truth, Pinocchio must stay close by, and he must always be honest; but Pinocchio knows that his heart’s desire is to escape from the circus and find his father, the carpenter that created him. For that to happen, the fairy explains, Pinocchio must become a real boy.

Paul Boyd’s all-new musical re-imagining of Carlo Collodi’s classic tale is the story of a real live wooden boy on a journey to find his true family. Featuring a circus company of musicians, including the amazing conjuror Mr. Fox, the world-famous acrobat Lady Cat, and prima donna opera star the Red Lobster.

Will his friends Matchstick and the Talking Cricket be able to help Pinocchio escape Swallowfire’s clutches, or will his nose lead him into trouble?


Lyric Theatre, Belfast