Taking a Love Pill at the End of the World

Author(s): Sam Smithson Company: Not Quite Ready Productions

There’s no future for Igg and Tom.
Couples therapy is going nowhere.
Environmental disaster is looming.
Is the only option to take a pill and fall in love?

"I had this realisation that the world is about to end. That the fire is here to engulf us all. That our baby isn’t going to have a chance, that she never had a chance."

Taking A Love Pill at the End of the World is a play about existing at the end. What would you do when faced with the destruction of everything? Is love the solution? It’s time for Igg and Tom to decide; take a pill prescribed by their therapist to fall in love, or separate and try to find happiness elsewhere.

There’s no time to have regrets.


Venue: The Hope Theatre, London Dates:

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