The Wicker Husband

Author(s): Book by Rhys Jennings, music and lyrics by Darren Clarke, based on an original short story by Ursula Wills
Company: Watermill Theatre
Running time: 2h 30min approx

The Wicker Husband

In a superficial world, where beauty is only skin-deep, meet the so-called ‘Ugly Girl’.

Ostracised by the shallow townsfolk because she doesn’t fit in, the Ugly Girl becomes the envy of her neighbours when the mysterious Old Basketmaker makes her a strong and loving husband woven from living wicker. As bitter rivalry and jealousy threaten to tear the community apart, the townsfolk embark on a cruel and destructive plan. Will the Ugly Girl’s happiness be ruined forever?

The Wicker Husband returns to The Watermill following its premature closure in March 2020 due to the pandemic.