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Our Man In Havana

Author(s): Graham Greene, a new musical version by Ben Morales Frost and Richard Hough

Our Man In Havana

It’s 1958 and Havana is on the brink of revolution. All day and night, the streets are filled with dancing and the shadows are filled with criminals. In the midst of the warm tropical air, an English vacuum cleaner salesman lives a quiet life running a modest business, raising his teenage daughter Milly and collecting miniature whisky bottles.

Just as Milly’s love of shopping reaches new heights, James Wormold receives an offer from the British Secret Intelligence Service that is too good to refuse. What Wormold lacks in sleuthing experience, he makes up for with imagination. Nothing stays quiet for long in Havana and his life is soon turned upside down when the fictional events of his intelligence reports start to come true.

A rollercoaster comedy full of colourful characters and uplifting Cuban inspired songs, this new musical is based on Graham Greene’s novel that satirises the fine line between truth and lies.