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Rock / Paper / Scissors

Author(s): Chris Bush
Company: Sheffield Theatres

Rock / Paper / Scissors

Three theatres, three plays, ONE cast—all at the same time!

In this theatrical first, the same cast perform in the Crucible, Lyceum and Studio simultaneously. Dashing between scenes, when a character exits one stage, they arrive on another. Individual, and interwoven, you can enjoy each on their own or see them all.

When the owner of Sheffield’s oldest scissor manufacturers dies, three generations go to war over what happens to the factory site: transform it into a fashionable music venue, redevelop into luxury office space, or continue as it is, hoping the old business might somehow become profitable again.

It's more than bricks and mortar, more than ownership, it’s about knowing where you fit in the world—knowing that there’s still a place for you.


The Crucible, Sheffield