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The Southbury Child

Author(s): Stephen Beresford
Company: Bridge Theatre & Chichester Festival Theatre

The Southbury Child

Raffish, urbane and frequently drunk, David Highland has kept a grip on his remote coastal parish through a combination of disordered charm and high-handed determination. But when his faith impels him to take a hard line with a bereaved parishioner, he finds himself dangerously isolated from public opinion.

As his own family begins to fracture and his marriage falls apart, David must face a future that threatens to extinguish not only his position in the town, but everything he stands for.

Stephen Beresford’s darkly comic new play is an exploration of family and community, the savage divisions of contemporary society and the rituals that punctuate our lives.

Three-time Olivier award-winning Alex Jennings will lead the cast, directed by Nicholas Hytner.

Set designs are by Mark Thompson with costume by Yvonne Milnes, sound by George Dennis and lighting by Max Narula.


Bridge Theatre, London

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